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Status - July 2014

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We are still collecting interviews.

We recently made a trip to San Diego where we did two interviews.

One of the interviews (Phil Karn) contained material relating to a very current event - the effort to reboot the ISEE-3 satellite. So we pulled that part of the interview into a quick video about Phil’s role in the reboot effort.

We plan to schedule some interviews in the San Francisco Bay area over the rest of the summer.

We are considering a trip this fall from Montreal to Washington DC to collect interviews.

Our list of people to interview is long - and growing. Nearly every person we talk to has good suggestions for two more more other people to add to our list. That should remind you of those old chain-reaction demonstrations where someone drops a ping-pong ball into a room filled with mouse-traps each loaded with a pair of ping-pong balls.

Our new blog

Published: 20 July 2014

The History of the Internet project is anticipated to take several years. We expect to be spending some years gathering interviews before we move onto coalescing the material into video episodes. Here we will try to let you know how our efforts are progressing.